Chico the Brave book cover

Chico the Brave

By: Dave Horowitz
For Ages: 4-7
Genre: Independence

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Chico is afraid of everything, even his own shadow. His dad tries to bolster his confidence by telling him about the legendary Golden Chicken, but Chico doesn't believe anyone could be that brave. So he sets off into the mountains to find the Golden Chicken, certain that the heroic bird will give him advice. Instead, his quest leads him to something he definitely wasn't seeking: an adventure! Before he knows it, he's soaring through the sky to the very place where a courageous hero is most needed--his own hometown, where the dreaded Llama Llama Gang is turning things upside down.

Readers will get a hoot out of this little hero who saves the day!

About Dave Horowitz

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Dave Horowitz grew up in Smithtown, New York in the 1970s. Instead of paying attention in school he drew pictures of his teachers. Then I went to a famous art college in Rhode Island and studied coloring. After living in Oregon, New York City, California, and New Hampshire, he moved to the Hudson River Valley where he has worked as a professional rock climber and now writes and illustrates picture books.