Rat and Roach Rock On! book cover

Rat and Roach Rock On!

By: David Covell
For Ages: 4-7
Genre: Friendship

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Rat has finally agreed to let his friend Roach sing in his band... but not if Roach makes everyone wear shiny, sparkly outfits. No way! Roach can still sing, though, right?
Wrong. He can't even get out a squeak!

Just when Rat is at his tail’s end, he realizes that one thing might bring the sparkle and shine back to Roach's voice. Rat may look a little funny in his glitzy new outfit, but sometimes friendship is totally worth it. With just the right touch of silly and sweet, Rat and Roach Rock On! gets at the heart of friendship and makes us laugh along the way.

About David Covell

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David Covell played the trumpet in Mr. Griffen's band class and has been known to sing when no one's listening, but a rock star? David is better at making shapes and colors and mixing in words. His graphic design has been featured in magazines and journals and stores around the world. And even in the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum. This is his second book for kids. 

What's on Rat and Roach's playlist? Find out at www.davidcovell.com.